Our Growth services will take your app to the next level

With our advertising technology CONNECT, acquiring users for your app and reactivating existing users has never been easier.

User Acquisition

We make data-driven decisions, helping brands connect with their target audience in the most authentic and effective way.
Our Growth Specialists team implements the best strategies for your campaigns.
We focus on acquisition and subsequent actions, tracking the lead from download to conversion.

Why do Acquisition with Lemmonet?

Direct Inventory

Access to +90% of global inventory, without intermediaries.

Regional Presence

A team available in your time zone and language.

Constant Reports

Visualization tools to generate insights that improve decision-making.


We analyze multiple behavior patterns to discover key insights.

Competitive Payouts

Maximize your earnings through highly profitable interactions.

Brand Safety

Integration with anti-fraud providers that audit our traffic.


We reactivate existing users and encourage conversion by increasing their LTV.
We boost the use of your mobile app with retargeting strategies, increasing its usage time and maximizing ROI.
We work to ensure your business stays in the minds of the target audience and generates more revenue, improving the conversion rate.

Why do Retargeting with Lemmonet?


100% expert team in retargeting.


Access to the most demanded DSPs in the market.


Review and improvement of creatives.


data-driven strategies for reactivation, retention, and maximizing user LTV.

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